Hello. Welcome to Wrestle Yard! Site owner Danny Hart here.

The aim of this site is to provide wrestling fans with a reliable platform to read the latest news, features, reviews/grades and more from WWE, NXT, 205 Live and beyond.

I have been a writer for the last decade, spending the majority of those years writing about football. I began writing about pro wrestling in October 2017 and wanted to expand my coverage of this crazy form of entertainment with a site of my own.

I want to create a go-to place for wrestling fans to visit, knowing that they will leave the site feeling informed and having read stories and information that they haven’t already seen elsewhere on the web.

On Wrestle Yard, you will find:

  • Match results and grades from the most popular shows
  • Interview recaps with sources always credited
  • Accurate reporting of fellow outlets’ rumours/spoilers
  • Original, current content, seen first on this site

On Wrestle Yard, you will never find:

  • Uncredited and/or old quotes
  • Rumour articles based on one person’s speculation
  • Articles that are 90% quotes and 10% background info
  • Headlines that will leave readers underwhelmed when they click the article

If you have any questions, complaints or queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch via email: wrestleyard@gmail.com.