Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

Rhodes to The Top Season 2: The first season of the reality series Rhodes to the Top has come to an end. As AEW continues to grow worldwide, Brandi and Cody Rhodes are proud to show off their growing family on the company’s website.
Fans have been eagerly awaiting the first season of Shed Media and Warner Bros. Unscripted Television, which was produced by Shed Media. The AEW team’s hectic work schedule and harrowing off-the-ring antics entice viewers to watch their reality show. There will be a second season, in case you were wondering.


It’s no secret that AEW and Rhodes to the Top performed better than TNT’s own programming, according to TNT’s General Manager Brett Weitz In spite of this, he made it clear that a second season is not in the works at this time.
Before making a decision, he wants to see how VOD viewers interact with the show and how well it performs. Because of this, fans will have to wait longer before they learn whether or not there will be a second season and when it might be released. Consequently


There will be no second season of TNT’s Rhodes to the Top at this time. A third season of the second season has yet to be announced in any official capacity. The show may be taking a break, or it may not have been renewed for the upcoming season. The 22nd of September, 2023, is a possible date for its release. A total of six episodes aired over the course of six weeks, from September 29 to October 23 of 2021.

Since it is loosely based on the real-life story of the Rhodes family, director Richard Linklater’s Rhodes to the Top explores a wide range of intriguing topics. The Rhodes family is introduced to the Jacksonville audience for the first time as they travel there for an AEW spectacular performance. To get an idea of how dangerous wrestling is from a wrestler’s perspective, look no further than Cody and the rest of his fellow competitors. Despite the ongoing rivalry between female wrestlers Cargill and Velvet, Brandi has the situation under control. Their careers are demanding, and now that they’re parents, Cody and Brandi Rhodes also have new responsibilities to deal with.
The reality show begins with the couple’s baby shower and ends with the birth of their daughter, Liberty Iris, which is documented in detail. Season one of Rhodes to the Top features six episodes that follow a professional wrestling power couple as they deal with the ups and downs of their personal and business lives. The episodes first aired on the TNT network when they were first made available to the public. We haven’t received a second-season renewal notice for Rhodes to the Top as of now.