5 reasons why Braun Strowman has lost momentum in WWE recently

Braun Strowman WWE
Credit: WWE.com

#1 Not enough versatility

Braun Strowman often produces epic feats of strength in crazy segments on Raw, but everybody has become used to seeing similar matches whenever he competes.

Only three of his pay-per-view singles matches in 2018 earned anything higher than a C in our PPV grades, and the only one to break into the A category was his Extreme Rules loss against Kevin Owens — a grade which was less about Strowman and more about Owens’ willingness to fly from the top of a cage.

The powerslam is the perfect finisher for Strowman, so I’m not suggesting he should change that, but isn’t it about time we saw something fresh, something a bit more dramatic, in his matches?

His rivalries with The Big Show and Roman Reigns in 2017 led to some of the best WWE television matches of the year. In 2018, we didn’t see that side of Strowman enough.

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