Becky Lynch DQ win?! 5 crazy decisions from WWE Fastlane 2019

Kofi Kingston WWE FL

#4 Kofi Kingston loses 2-on-1 handicap match

Kofi Kingston was told on the Fastlane kickoff show to wait outside the McMahon family office, as they wanted to speak to him about the WWE Championship. After waiting over an hour, all three members of The New Day barged in. Vince informed Kingston that the WWE Championship match will be a Triple Threat and that his match is up in next.

What Vince didn’t reveal, however, was who was in those matches. As it turned out, Vince meant that Kingston would be in a handicap match against The Bar, while later in the show the WWE Championship match would be between Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens and Mustafa Ali.

Like the Mandy Rose situation, this was hardly the worst idea on paper but, in execution, the handicap match went on far too long, while fans essentially hijacked the WWE title match by booing everyone, particularly Ali, and chanting for Kingston.

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