How the MMA Four Horsewomen ended up in WWE

Shayna Baszler

Shayna Baszler was a guest on Sam Roberts’ ‘Notsam Wrestling’ podcast this week.

The former NXT Women’s champion spoke about her journey through MMA to get to WWE and how she has adjusted to life as a sports entertainer.

One of the most interesting stories during the interview came when Sam asked about the moment when the Four Horsewomen of MMA – Baszler, Ronda Rousey, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir – decided they wanted to try their hand at wrestling.

Here’s what Baszler had to say:

“I have watched wrestling forever. The girls started watching and it was when Daniel Bryan was doing the storyline with the Wyatt Family [late 2013], so they got really involved with the Daniel Bryan storyline.”

‘That’s the day everything changed’

Rousey and Baszler have quickly established themselves with the WWE audience over the last year.

As for Duke and Shafir, they have started working NXT shows and both are expected to have bright futures.

Their latest match came alongside Baszler in a six-woman tag victory over Dakota Kai, Io Shirai and Kairi Sane.

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Baszler also told a story about the one day where “everything changed” when she and Duke began watching wrestling early in the morning.

“We were sitting one morning and the house was empty, and Jess turns to me and goes, ‘Shayna, I want you to show me historic pro wrestling matches’. And I’m not joking, I hooked the computer tower up to the TV and we spent from 9 in the morning – we only stopped to eat and get food – until probably 2am, and I’m showing her old school WWE matches, old school World of Sport stuff, I’m showing her Japanese, like Akira Hokuto. We watched documentaries, and just went on this endless black hole and I think that’s the day everything changed.”

Click here to listen to this week’s episode of Notsam Wrestling, which also features interviews with Carmella and Shinsuke Nakamura. transcribed these quotes. If you use them, please credit ‘Notsam Wrestling’ and give an acknowledgement to Wrestle Yard.

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