Lana: Wrestling is real, Ronda Rousey is fake


Ronda Rousey is the talk of the wrestling world after her expletive-laden rant on YouTube this week. The Raw Women’s champion, who turned heel on Monday’s episode of Raw, dismissed wrestling as “scripted, made up and not real”, adding that she will “disrespect the sport they [fans] all love so much”.

She finished her rant by claiming “none of those b*****s can f***ing touch me”, referring to the rest of the women’s division. Several WWE Superstars have given their response, including Liv Morgan and Lacey Evans, and now Lana has had her say on Rousey’s controversial comments.

After a Russian outlet picked up on the story, Lana tweeted: “This is so embarrassing that she is making the news in Russia saying the F word ! @WWE teaches their WWE Superstars to be role models to children. I pride myself in how WWE Superstars carry themselves. What are we teaching children by allowing this ???”

She later added: “Wrestling is real. Ronda is fake.”

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