Luke Harper? Sami Zayn? 5 WWE stars who could align with Daniel Bryan next

Daniel Bryan hemp title

Daniel Bryan has become one of the best WWE heels in recent memory since he defeated AJ Styles for the WWE Championship in November 2018.

Formerly known as “The Leader of the Yes Movement”, Bryan has stopped pandering to audiences and started educating fans on one of the things that matters to him the most: the environment.

He recently introduced a new eco-friendly WWE Championship design, while he has found himself an unlikely new ally in former Wyatt Family member Rowan.

In this article, let’s take a look at five Superstars whose careers could benefit from following in the footsteps of Rowan by aligning with the WWE champion…

#5 Harper

Bludgeon Brothers WWE

Every time Rowan appears alongside Daniel Bryan on SmackDown Live, fans on social media begin to discuss the whereabouts of Harper.

Rowan & Harper held the SmackDown Tag Team Championship for four months before losing the titles against The New Day in August 2018.

Both men were forced to take time off due to injuries but both are now said to be cleared.

No matter what the former Wyatt Family members do as singles competitors, WWE seems to always bring the duo back together, so could we see Harper join this eco-friendly gang and align with Bryan soon?

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