Nia Jax calls Dave Meltzer ‘a piece of s***’ after Roman Reigns comments

Nia Jax

Nia Jax has branded Dave Meltzer “a piece of s***” following comments he made about Roman Reigns’ leukemia treatment. The Wrestling Observer journalist, who has covered Reigns’ illness extensively over the last few months, said after the WWE Superstar’s recent ‘WWE Chronicle’ documentary: “He said the pill [he took during leukemia] was oral chemotherapy but I don’t think it was.”

Meltzer clarified the comments earlier on Twitter, writing: “On the Reigns treatment, there are different options that include a pill that is oral chemo and that is what he said he was taking and there’s no reason not to believe that, so I stand corrected on that.”

Jax, a relative of Reigns, replied: “@davemeltzerWON is a piece of s***. The fact that u make statements about people’s health, when u have zero knowledge about it is ridiculous. If u do have access 2 superstars PERSONAL medical info, that is a HUGE violation of HIPAA & I’m sure that’s not the case. So shut ur mouth”

Fellow Superstar Alexa Bliss responded to Jax, simply saying: “Preach”

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