Seth Rollins, Mandy Rose & 5 WWE stars whose careers have progressed since Elimination Chamber 2018

Elias WWE

#4 Elias

Elimination Chamber 2018: Elias had established himself on the main roster by the time Elimination Chamber 2018 came around but he was still the least likely of the participants to win the seven-man Chamber match. He entered at #7 but, like four other Superstars, he was quickly eliminated by Braun Strowman following a powerslam.

Elimination Chamber 2019: Elias is not currently scheduled to compete at this year’s event, but it’s fair to say that he is a much bigger star now than at this time in 2018. WWE’s resident guitarist often receives the loudest crowd reactions, regardless of whether he is a good guy or bad guy, and it shows how much WWE values him that he works with John Cena almost every time the 16-time champion returns.

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