Seth Rollins on Vince McMahon forcing him to redo WWE match in 2014

Seth Rollins Kofi Kingston

Seth Rollins defeated Kofi Kingston in a three-minute match on the pre-taped June 20, 2014 episode of WWE SmackDown.

The match took place two weeks after Rollins betrayed The Shield and two weeks before he would go on to win the Money In The Bank briefcase.

Speaking on Edge and Christian’s podcast, the 2019 Royal Rumble winner revealed that, even though he was essentially told to ‘squash’ his opponent, he allowed Kingston to get some offence in because he respected him so much.

Following the match, Vince McMahon was furious and ordered them both to redo the match — something that would not be possible now, as SmackDown is no longer pre-taped.

Rollins explained:

“I gave Kofi a little bit, made him look good, and I remember coming to the back thinking, ‘Yeah, that was alright,’ … Vince is furious about it, just furious. He’s like, ‘Get over here,’ and he’s yelling at me, and he’s like, ‘If you’re gonna be my guy, if you’re gonna be my guy, that’s not what I want,’ and he shooed me out of [the] Gorilla [Position]. I didn’t understand, I didn’t get it. Michael [Hayes] was trying to explain to me, what Vince wanted from the situation, and they ended up making me and Kofi go out and redo the match. I remember the feeling when they told me that. I was so angry and embarrassed. I was almost ready to walk out and not do it, like, ‘Never in my life, never should this happen to me,’ but it was such a learning experience in retrospect that it’s okay to screw up sometimes.”

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