Shelton Benjamin, Paul Heyman & 8 most frequent Brock Lesnar WWE tag partners

Brock Lesnar Shelton Benjamin

If there is one WWE Superstar who does not need a tag partner, that person is Brock Lesnar. Since returning to pro wrestling in 2012, “The Beast” has dismantled everyone put in front of him, from John Cena and Triple H to The Undertaker and Braun Strowman, to cement his legacy as one of the most destructive men to ever step inside a WWE ring.

However, despite his beastly ability to go it alone as a one-on-one competitor, did you know that the former UFC star has actually had a total of 17 tag partners during his combined 10 years as a WWE Superstar?

In this article, using information from wrestling stats database, let’s take a look at the eight men who Lesnar has teamed up with on the most occasions on WWE programming (excluding live events)…

Joint #4 The Undertaker, Paul Heyman, Nathan Jones & A-Train (2 matches)


Brock Lesnar first joined forces with The Undertaker — the man he would go on to defeat at WrestleMania 30 — when they defeated Ric Flair & Rob Van Dam on Raw in July 2002. Ten months later, they teamed up again in a losing effort against The Big Show & The FBI on SmackDown.

As for Paul Heyman, Lesnar and his advocate surprisingly have a 100 percent record as a tag team. Their two matches together ended in Lesnar-inspired victories, first against The Hardy Boyz at Judgment Day 2002 and then against Edge at Rebellion 2002.

Nathan Jones and A-Train were also on the same side as “The Next Big Thing”, both times in November 2003, but they lost their multi-man Survivor Series-themed matches.

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