Triple H: Bianca Belair proved Sam Roberts wrong – she is world class

Triple H

Bianca Belair lost her undefeated record when she was defeated by Shayna Baszler in an NXT Women’s Championship match at TakeOver: Phoenix on Saturday, January 26.

Before the event, pre-show panelist Sam Roberts risked the wrath of WWE fans on social media by claiming that Baszler vs. Belair was “not TakeOver-worthy” and “a waste of a match” because Belair did not stand a realistic chance of winning the title.

“The EST of NXT” has already hit back at Roberts, who was almost certainly fed the line in his earpiece.

Now Triple H, speaking in a post-show Facebook Q&A, has given his response:

“I can’t say enough about her performance. As much as people like Sam Roberts or something thought like, ‘Oh, it’s a waste of something’… that’s what people do here. When somebody says you can’t, they show them that they can. When somebody says, ‘I don’t think you’re good enough’, you show them that you are. That’s what NXT is all about. It’s about proving yourself. It’s about showing the world. Bianca Belair tonight showed the world. Bianca Belair tonight was a winner. She did not lose. She won. She showed the world. She showed everybody. She showed Sam Roberts, her family, every single person watching that she belongs and that, two and a half years in, she is world class.”

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