WWE NXT UK Results/Grades (Mar. 13, 2019): Pete Dunne, WALTER, more

Credit: WWE.com

In-ring segment: Noam Dar

Summary: Noam Dar said it is great to be back in NXT UK, saying this time he is here to stay. The former 205 Live star said the brand is doing “pretty, pretty good” and it will get even better when the next set of tapings emanate from Glasgow, Scotland next month. He added that his fellow Superstars have been doing a “4/10 job” and mocked Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster and Kenny Williams for quickly disappearing from 205 Live. Andrews came down to the ring and kicked Dar in the head, forcing him to retreat and walk to the back.

Verdict: I’ve never been sold on Dar’s promos, apart from when he was comically saying “Alicia Fooooocccccckkkkkssss” on Raw and 205 Live. This might be an unpopular opinion but I felt like this was another unconvincing promo. At least he explained why he is back and why he is targeting who he is targeting, but Dar is better at doing his talking in-ring rather than on the mic. I realise this contradicts my verdict from the last match, but Dar is an exception because we’ve already seen him on WWE television over the last three years.

Grade: C+

Match 3: Candy Floss vs. Kay Lee Ray

Summary: NXT UK debutant Kay Lee Ray picked up a dominant victory over rookie Candy Floss, hitting her with a kick to the head, followed by a face-first slam into the ring canvas, to get the 1-2-3.

Verdict: This was a quick match designed to give Kay Lee Ray a win on her debut. The women’s division is stacked right now, with Xia Brookside, Rhea Ripley, Jinny, Isla Dawn and Nina Samuels among those battling to contend for Toni Storm’s Women’s Championship.

Grade: B-

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