WWE NXT UK Results/Grades (Mar. 13, 2019): Pete Dunne, WALTER, more

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Match 4: Pete Dunne & Walter vs. The Coffey Brothers

Summary: Pete Dunne and Walter dominated the early stages, notably when Walter stomped on Mark Coffey’s arm and stared him out when he received a chop to the chest. Dunne continued the dominance when he tagged in and gained the upper hand on Joe Coffey. Walter then chopped both Coffey Brothers and the fan-favourite tag team went on to have a stand-off in the middle of the ring. The Coffeys worked their way back into the match before Walter single-handedly destroyed both opponents with a series of power moves. Dunne and Walter then worked brilliantly together, with Dunne landing a moonsault to the ringside floor and Walter suplexing both opponents. In the end, Walter saved Dunne from getting hit with his own title by kicking Mark Coffey in the face. The big Austrian followed up with a powerbomb to get the 1-2-3. Following the match, Dunne tried to pick up his title but Walter stood on it before picking it up himself and handing it to Dunne.

Verdict: This is more like it. NXT UK lasted 10 minutes longer than usual because this main event ran for so long. The story of the match was told very well, with Dunne and Walter having staredowns two times during the match, as well as at the end, to set up the next United Kingdom Championship match. It’ll be interesting to see where the Coffeys go from here. Joe is out of the title picture and nobody in Gallus looks likely to face The Grizzled Young Veterans any time soon.

Grade: A

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