WWE Raw: 4 theories why Finn Balor lost the Intercontinental Championship to Bobby Lashley

Dean ambrose IC title
Credit: WWE.com

#2 WWE doesn’t care about the IC title

We can debate the who, what, how, when and whys about Finn Balor losing the Intercontinental Championship all day long, but maybe this simply comes down to one thing: WWE doesn’t care about secondary titles.

Just look at these recent IC title reigns: Dean Ambrose (28 days), Bobby Lashley (33 days), Finn Balor (22 days), Bobby Lashley (1+ days). In the same amount of time, the United States Championship has changed hands the same number of times: Rusev (32 days), Shinsuke Nakamura (2 days), R-Truth (35 days), Samoa Joe (7+ days).

I mean, come on! The longest of those reigns was R-Truth and he missed an entire month of television while he was champion! Maybe, just maybe, this latest Balor-to-Lashley title change was done because these secondary titles are seen as glorified props by WWE and nothing more.

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