WWE Raw (Mar. 11, 2019): Results, Grades, Review, Winners, Highlights

In-ring segment: Batista and Triple H

Summary: A fired-up Triple H stood in the ring to have a face-to-face confrontation with Batista. “The Animal” stood on the stage area and ordered his personal security to stand on the ramp between him and HHH. When Batista finally spoke, he mentioned how he learned from two of the “dirtiest players in the game”, HHH and Ric Flair, and said he wants to do this on his terms. HHH threatened to tear his way through “The Guardians of the Independent Scene” (Batista’s security). Batista repeatedly shouted “give me what I want” — a match at WrestleMania — until HHH finally gave in and accepted, adding that the match will be No Holds Barred.

Verdict: Okay, this was INTENSE. The “Guardians of the Independent Scene” line from Triple H was incredible. The segment felt like it was a bit repetitive — Batista must have said “give me what I want” 10 times — but it was still a decent way to confirm their ‘Mania match. Sidenote: Batista spat all over his microphone several times while he spoke and it was disgusting!

Grade: B

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