WWE Raw Results/Grades (Dec. 10, 2018): Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin

Seth Rollins WWE Raw IC
Credit: WWE.com

The latest episode of WWE Raw took place in San Diego, California on Monday, December 10.

Here’s a recap of what happened on the show…

Opening segment: Seth Rollins kicks off Raw

Summary: A fired-up Seth Rollins called Baron Corbin down to the ring to “spit some truths” about Raw. Rollins said the Raw ratings have “sucked” recently because of Corbin’s leadership and questioned why a tag team like The Revival is in ‘Lucha House Rules’ matches and why Corbin is allowing segments involving urination. He went on to criticise Brock Lesnar for not competing on Raw since 2002 before challenging Corbin to a TLC match later in the show. When Corbin refused, Rollins repeatedly said “coward, coward, coward”, prompting Corbin to accept — but only if the Intercontinental title is on the line.

Verdict: When Rollins said he was going to “spit some truths”, he wasn’t lying! The IC champ said exactly what fans have been thinking about Raw in recent weeks, only it was Corbin — not the WWE creative team or Vince McMahon — who took all the blame. If you didn’t catch Raw, make sure you watch this opening segment — Rollins essentially said Raw is terrible!

Grade: A-

Match 1: AOP & Drake Maverick vs. Chad Gable & Bobby Roode (Raw Tag Team Championship)

Summary: One of the biggest moments in this 3-on-2 tag title match came when Chad Gable and Bobby Roode launched Drake Maverick over the top rope onto both AOP members at ringside. In the end, AOP decimated Roode with a Super Collider and Gable with another Powerbomb moments later. Maverick then tagged in and began to pin Roode, but “The Glorious One” rolled AOP’s manager up to get a surprise 1-2-3 title victory.

Verdict: It’s always a welcome surprise to see a title change on Raw, no matter how illogical the booking, but… well… how illogical can this booking get?! Roode was pinned by Maverick last week, meaning he and Gable were not granted another title match. This week, they’re given a title match out of nowhere, rendering last week’s match (and our viewing time) completely pointless. WWE, consider my intelligence well and truly insulted!

Grade: D

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