WWE Raw Results/Grades (Jan. 14): Balor vs. Corbin vs. McIntyre vs. Cena

Finn Balor Vince McMahon
Credit: WWE.com

The latest episode of WWE Raw took place in Memphis, Tennessee on Monday, January 14.

Here’s a recap of what happened on the show…

Opening segment: Vince McMahon arrives, Braun Strowman and Baron Corbin

Summary: Braun Strowman claimed Brock Lesnar has always been afraid of him. He then looked down the camera and revealed he is “all healed up” ahead of their match at the Royal Rumble. Baron Corbin interrupted and dismissed Strowman’s chances of winning the Universal Championship before declaring that he will win the Royal Rumble. Strowman chased Corbin around backstage, taking out Sunil Singh in the process, before Elias sang a song about how Corbin was hiding in the limo that Vince McMahon arrived in. Strowman proceeded to smash a window of the limo and break a door. As Corbin escaped, Strowman turned around and Vince looked on in disbelief at what happened to his limo.

Following an ad break, Vince fined Strowman $100,000 for damaging his limo and removed him from his Rumble match against Lesnar. Strowman responded in a way only he can — by flipping over the limo.

Grade: A

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