WWE SmackDown Live: 5 predictions for the Kofi Kingston gauntlet match

Credit: WWE.com

#1 Feel-good moment to end the show

With Randy Orton, Samoa Joe and The Bar taken out of the gauntlet match, that only leaves Rowan. Now, as menacing as the former Wyatt Family member is, I don’t see Kofi Kingston having much trouble getting past him. In fact, unlike the other people in the match, I can envisage Kingston defeating him cleanly with little-to-no shenanigans.

It’ll be interesting to see which position Rowan, who will presumably have Daniel Bryan alongside him, fits into this match. If he is the fifth opponent for Kingston, like he was the fifth to be announced by Vince McMahon on this week’s SmackDown Live, then the New Day member’s elimination of the former SmackDown Tag Team champion could potentially be the closing moment of the show.

Kingston could then finally book his ticket to WrestleMania, following lots of twists and turns, and KofiMania will officially be allowed to run wild.

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