WWE SmackDown Live (Mar. 12, 2019): Results, Grades, Review, Winners, Highlights

Match 2: Asuka vs. Sonya Deville (w/Mandy Rose)

Summary: Two nights after inadvertently costing Mandy Rose in the SmackDown Women’s Championship match at Fastlane, Sonya Deville went one-on-one in a non-title match with Asuka. The finish came when Rose purposely grabbed hold of the ring skirt at ringside, causing Deville to trip, and Asuka then locked in the Asuka Lock to make her opponent submit. Following the match, Rose walked up the ramp by herself while Deville stood at ringside.

Verdict: Not good. Like I said after Fastlane, this story needs to be more about Asuka, who still doesn’t have a clear opponent for WrestleMania, and less about Deville and Rose. The finish was horribly botched, with Rose hardly moving the ring skirt to make Deville trip. I’m all for the former Absolution members receiving the spotlight and splitting up, but I’m not sure now is the right time to do it. Asuka is the fifth-most important woman on SmackDown right now, including Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, and she’s the champ!

Grade: D

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