WWE SmackDown Live (Mar. 12, 2019): Results, Grades, Review, Winners, Highlights

In-ring segment: Vince McMahon and The New Day

Summary: Vince McMahon replayed footage from Fastlane and began to explain that everything he says and does is a “teachable moment”. The New Day interrupted him, with Big E and Xavier Woods passionately claiming that Kofi Kingston deserves a WWE title match at WrestleMania. Vince said nobody deserves anything, even him, despite the fact that he “created heaven and earth”, referring to WWE. He added that Kingston is an “extraordinary talent” but, if he deserved a title match, he would have received it a long time ago, describing him as a “B+ Player”. Kingston listed all the things he has missed to dedicate his time to WWE. Randy Orton’s music then hit, followed by Samoa Joe, Sheamus, Cesaro and Rowan, and Vince revealed that Kingston WILL face Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania, but only if he defeats all five men in a gauntlet match next week. The show ended with The New Day standing tall after a brawl with next week’s opponents.

Verdict: Heel Vince is one of the greatest characters ever. Only he could tell fans they “don’t deserve to breathe in and out” and still get laughs. This promo was almost as good as Styles and Orton earlier in the show. You could tell that the emotion from The New Day was genuine, especially when Kingston explained how he missed his son’s tooth falling out two days ago. I’m not crazy about the gauntlet stipulation for next week, but he has to get to ‘Mania somehow!

Grade: A

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