WWE TLC 2018 Results/Grades: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka

Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair asuka
Credit: WWE.com

The 2018 WWE TLC pay-per-view took place in San Jose, California on Sunday, December 16.

Here’s a recap of what happened on the show…

Kickoff show – Match 1: Buddy Murphy vs. Cedric Alexander (Cruiserweight Championship)

Summary: Both men had plenty of offence in the early stages but it was Buddy Murphy who took control after catching Cedric Alexander with a huge knee to the face. Alexander soon had a spell of dominance of his own, notably when he connected with a dropkick through the ropes to the outside. Murphy hit back with a powerbomb from the corner before getting his foot on the bottom rope from a Lumbar Check. In the end, Murphy slammed Alexander face-first into the turnbuckle and hit Murphy’s Law to retain his title.

Verdict: This was another impressive performance from the cruiserweights. The only issue was that it felt obvious throughout, even when Alexander hit the Lumbar Check, that Murphy would emerge with the win.

Grade: B

Kickoff show – Match 2: Elias vs. Bobby Lashley (ladder match w/guitar above the ring)

Summary: With Lio Rush causing distractions from ringside, Bobby Lashley launched Elias onto multiple ladders around the ring. Despite being second-best for much of the match, Elias planted Lashley against a ladder in the corner with a powerbomb before climbing the ladder — and thwarting another distraction from Rush — to retrieve the guitar and pick up the win. Following the match, Rush got involved again and Lashley hit Elias in the back with the guitar.

Verdict: The finish to the match felt sudden and somewhat underwhelming, with neither guy coming out of this looking particularly strong. Elias won but ended up in a heap on the canvas, while Lashley lost but stood tall. This multi-match feud still doesn’t have a definitive winner.

Grade: C-

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